Jennifer's Song album track from Jon Hammond

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Jennifer's Song album track from Jon Hammond "Jennifer's Song" Hammond's Bolero track number 2 from Jon Hammond by Jon Hammond ©JON HAMMOND International/ASCAP - Album Notes Letter to the Listener from Jon Hammond: November 28, 2002 Dear Listener! This record marks a new beginning for me, and I would like to dedicate it to all those who like myself are striking out on their own and going it alone. Don't be afraid to follow your dreams. I did and now this record is for you! On November 5th, 2002 at 11:00 hours I entered in to Studio "D" of UNIQUE RECORDING STUDIOS in Times Square NYC with my producer/engineer Joe Berger along with S.F. Bay Area musicians Ronnie Smith (drums) and Alex Budman (tenor sax). I fired up the house HAMMOND organ and felt right at home immediately. Although we cut these tunes in one session, (a new speed record at Unique Recording Studios!), it took my whole life to refine my songs and get to this point where I was ready to record them...and ALSO to select musicians who could not only play their asses off, but are very nice cats who play my music with much enthusiasm and uplifting spirit. Like all bandleaders I have had more than my share of nightmare situations with "difficult" musicians so I am always happy when I can record and play with trouble-free musicians on the band! These are the guys. This was Ronnie's first trip to New York City. The night before our session he and Alex went to hear the Village Vanguard Monday Night Bigband while I stayed home in my Times Square apartment preparing the music for the session. There is a story behind every one of these compositions. Once you have heard "Jennifer's Song" you'll never be able to get it out of your mind. Melody is King! Perhaps you will hear my Russian/Hungarian heritage coming from this melody. On every one of my albums I like to do something original that has never been done before. On this record the very first sound that you will hear is the sound of me popping the cork out of a very nice bottle of Red Bordeaux wine! I have always thought this to be a "happy sound", so kick back and enjoy a glass of Bordeaux with my music if you have the possibility to do so. Also I announce the title of every one of my songs. The reason I do this is because so often on the radio song titles are not announced...well, I fixed that! I recorded the cork and my voiceovers on my new acquisition, which is a fine Chinese manufactured Tube Microphone from SUPERLUX in Shanghai. My EXCELSIOR tonechamber accordion has custom SENNHEISER microphones in it with a very slick modification by main man ALEX of Alex Accordions Guitars shop around the corner from Unique Recording Studios on W. 48th St. in New York (on the famous strip of music shops). This was my first outting using the electronics in my hand-built accordion and I was very pleased with the natural sound we got on the recordings. I didn't really forget even one person who has helped me on this long journey up to the release of "Hammond's Bolero". Now buy the record and come out to our gigs! Come by the bandstand and say hi, I'm easy to find...I'll either be behind my HAMMOND organ or strapped in to my EXCELSIOR Accordion. As my friends from Russia and Ukraine say: "Nastarovya!" However you say's to your health and my romantic music here on this disc comes from our hearts to all people around the world in the international language of instrumental the rhythm of life! Sincerely yours, Jon Hammond â„¢ "The FINGERS...are the SINGERS!" Andreas Breunig: Ich würde sie auch gerne mal hören...., die cd! Ich wohne unweit der "Schnulze" in Hamburg. Vor 2 Jahren auf einem nach-Hause-Weg hörte ich Musik. Sie kam aus der Schnulze. Und sie war gut, verdammt gut! Später erfuhr ich, welch hochkarätigen Musiker in dieser kleinen Kneipe gespielt haben, einfach unglaublich... Wann bist du wieder in Hamburg, Jon ? When are you back in Hamburg/germany, Jon ? Please, give me a mail ! My Friends here are sometime in a very, very big wintersleeping, you know... Thanks for your Music !!! And best wishes to a great musician under our sun !!! Andreas from Hamburg Michael August this music is great! Hi, i´m the artist and designer of this cd-cover, i hear it in every time and this music change my live! it´s absolut wonderful, fantastic! it blows my mind away! Jon Hammond Band Facebook page Amazon This is Jon Hammond's inspired all-original trio album played with the intensity of a live performance. It features great saxophone work by Alex Budman and the sophisticated funky sound of Ronnie Smith, Jr. on drums. Accordion and guitar embellish several tracks, and the overall sound is very musical and unusual. Lots of powerful groove drives some really great Jon Hammond compositions such as "Soon I Will Be Free", "Cannonball 99 (One More Time!), "Six Year Itch", "Jennifer's Song" and "9/11 Tribute." Audio CD (September 19, 2006) Original Release Date: 2006 Number of Discs: 1 Label: Ham-Berger-Friz ASIN: B000BX372E Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars See all reviews (2 customer reviews) By Dams Patrik - See all my reviews (REAL NAME) Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: Hammond's Bolero (Audio CD) Perfect and Jon is a friend of me so I am happy with the CD and I ask everybody to buy it. This review is from: Hammond's Bolero (Audio CD) I love this cd. All Jon Hammond Cd's are super but this one is a favorite of mine. It has all original songs. I especially love the accordion addition. The organ solo's are beautiful. The drummer is super funky. The saxophone is right on. Accordion, Hammond organ, Jazz Fusion, Jennifer's Song, Jon Hammond, ASCAP Composer, City Hall Records, World Music, Local 802, Musicians Union