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HammondCast with Al Jazzbeaux Collins appearance on KYOURADIO


HammondCast 15 http://ia301521.us.archive.org/0/items/HammondCast_15/HammondCast15.mp3 HammondCast for KYOU Radio, this show just before Jon blasts over to Hamburg Germany to record a new album at NDR Radio. Special guest recordings of Jon with radio legend Al Jazzbeaux Collins telling the story of Jon's composition "Train Song" and with Chuy Varela talking about the meaning of Jon's song "Get Back In The Groove" played 2 different ways: from "Hammond's Bolero" CD release (instrumental) and a 1981 version from DTI Records label with Frank Biner on vocals and Jon covering all the instruments + Dave Danza on the drums. Last song: "Czechoslovakian Salsa Song"-JON HAMMOND Trio. HammondCast is the music of Organist/Accordionist Jon Hammond *Member American Federation of Musicians Union Local 802/Local 6/ASCAP Publishing-JON HAMMOND International, Inc. "The FINGERS...are the SINGERS!" http://www.HammondCast.com Music, Travel & "Soft-News". Al Jazzbo Collins outside Horn and Hardart Raising Money for NYPD Horses

Cynthia Tornquist CNN covering Al Jazzbo Collins at Horn and Hardart as seen on Jon Hammond HammondCast Show

Al Jazzbo Collins with Joe Bushkin on the air on WNEW from Horn and Hardart

Joe Bushkin *WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: http://video.yahoo.com/watch/114559/954902 As seen on HammondCast & CNN: AL JAZZBEAUX COLLINS (WNEW) all-night broadcast at HORN & HARDART NY to raise money for NYPD Horse named "Jazzbeaux" with All-Star Musicians: LOU ROMANO (IORIO Accorgan), GIL CHIMES (drums/band)..at the Piano: JOE BUSHKIN with appearance by CNN's CYNTHIA TORNQUIST, AL JAZZBEAUX COLLINS outside with NYPD Horse Officers *Shot personally by JON HAMMOND of CBS' HammondCast KYCY/KYOU 1550 AM all night May 29, 1987. More will become available...stay tuned! *Jon's site: http://www.HammondCast.com


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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Annual Musikmesse Warm Up Party in Jazzkeller Frankfurt Hosted By Jon Hammond Band


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Annual Musikmesse Warm Up Party in Jazzkeller Frankfurt Hosted By Jon Hammond Band Frankfurt -- Jon Hammond and Band will be hosting the annual Musikmesse Warm Up Party held every year on the night before the 2010 Musikmesse Trade Fair Begins - Tuesday March 23rd in Jazzkeller Frankfurt Kleine Bockenheimerstr. 18a / 60323 Frankfurt am Main / Tel. 069 28 85 37 This will be Jon's 24th consecutive year playing the Musikmesse. Jon is pleased to announce that rejoining his band this year will be the Hungarian Tenor Sax Star TONY LAKATOS from Budapest who is a lifetime member of the HR Radio Big Band

Also rejoining Jon and Tony will be Giovanni Gulino drums and Joe Berger aka 'The Berger-meister' guitar Some of Jon's expected guests will be both the Director of Musikmesse Wolfgang Luecke and Joe Lamond President CEO of NAMM, both of whom are excellent drummers and special Accordion Friends including Roberto Lucanero, Holda Paoletti-Kampl, Marco Galeazzi, Nello Gabrielloni, Michael Maier-Falkenstein from Hammond Deutschland, Pigini Brothers, Heinz Aumüller, friends from all over the world gathering in the special atmosphere of Jazzkeller Frankfurt which is the oldest jazz club in Germany, a hundreds year old 'keller' below the ground near the Alte Oper in center of Frankfurt. Jon says, "It is a great way to kick off the Musikmesse every year, we always look forward to this casual and fun evening after the stands are built, it's great to unwind with some swinging funky jazz music and beverages served by the friendly team at this special club Jazzkeller. This Musikmesse event and the Jazzkeller are both very close to my heart personally, I had my first successful European shows here in the Jazzkeller after I moved to Germany for 5 years because of so many special friends I have through our years attending Musikmesse. The first Musikmesse Warm Up Party we did was sponsored by Philip Morris Cigarettes and RTL Plus TV Show "Hessen Report". Nowadays it is not permitted to smoke cigarettes inside the club, but we are thankful for all of the support we have received and now we gather with our friends in clean air which is really nice, although Eugen Hahn owner of Jazzkeller had installed one of the best industrial air cleaners of any club I have played in! A good time for all, we are looking forward to seeing all our friends there again soon and every day in Halle 3.1 where all the best accordions in the world and players will be!" *special thanks Accordions World Wide Team *Note: Selected Video Clips will be posted on http://www.accordion-space4u.com and Jon's YouTube channel

Musikmesse Director Wolfgang Luecke flanked by Anke Lich of Messe Frankfurt, Jon Hammond, Ralph Vogenreitter of Vogenreitter Verlag and to Wolfgang's right, Michael Maier Falkenstein Director Hammond Suzuki Deutschland and his long-time Girlfriend Jenny

Excelsior Pigini Power Table in Jazzkeller Frankfurt Musikmesse Warm Up Party !

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Car 54, Where Are You? Over here on Telegraph Hill in San Francisco!


Car 54, Where Are You? Over here on Telegraph Hill in San Francisco!

Car 54 a 1956 Ford seems to have magically appeared over here on Telegraph Hill in North Beach San Francisco completely equipped with working radio, photo by Jon Hammond

On the way to the studios of KYOU Radio and KYCY to guest on Jon Russell's INDIE POOL Show, Jon Hammond had this chance encounter with what appears to be the famous Car 54, like from the old NBC TV Show starring Fred Gwynne and Joe E. Ross, amazing! The geniuses behind KYOU Radio on the CBS Radio Network, Jon Russell and Stephen Page flanked by Jon Hammond of HammondCast and Jennifer Co-Producer

http://www.kyouradio.com/player.php?id=7333 *LISTEN TO INDIE POOL KYOU Radio HammondCast HERE: KYOU Radio Details Page The Indie Pool: Jon Russell Hosts Jon Hammond KYOURADIO San Francisco CA-- Not just another interview show with music. More like an audio magazine that digs deeper so you’ll come away with a better understanding of the featured artists and bands and their music. Every couple of weeks the Indie Pool presents a new installment giving you an opportunity to come away with a better understanding of who’s making today’s music and why. The Indie Pool showcases: Jon Hammond With music from Jon Hammond played live in the studios of KYOU Radio with Host Jon Russell and tracks from Jon'a album NDR SESSIONS Projekt on Ham-Beger-Friz Records Lydia Pense of Cold Blood on HammondCast

Lydia Pense vocalist of Cold Blood on Jon Hammond's daily radio program HammondCast on KYOU Radio 1550 AM. Hear Lydia speak with Jon about how the band got it's name and subsequently Cold Blood was one of the first rock groups to be signed by Bill Graham's Fillmore Records. The story of how legendary singer producer Donny Hathaway came to produce Lydia and Cold Blood and talking about the musicians living and deceased. Lydia's newest album is entitled 'Transfusion' http://hammondcast.podOmatic.com  

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Jon Hammond at Digital New B3 Organ in Australia Date Live At Bernies


Organist Jon Hammond with Bernie Capicchiano at the Digital New B3 Hammond Organ in Melbourne Australia Ringwood at Bernies Music Land *New CD "Jon Hammond Live at Bernies" http://www.jonhammondband.com

Jon Hammond at The Digital New B3 Hammond Organ "Live At Bernies" with Michael Jordan drums

Track 1. Days of Wine and Roses 2. Lydia's Tune 3. Satin Doll 4. Besame Mucho 5. Tribute To Victims of 911 America The Beautiful with intro Get Back In The Groove 6. Late Rent (Jon Hammond's theme song) 7. Somewhere Over The Rainbow (played on the XK-1) 8. Moanin' 9. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life 10. Makin Whoopee! 11. The Shadow Of Your Smile 12. Cookin' At The Continental 13. Late Rent 14. I Left My Heart In San Francisco Recorded live at Bernies Music Land on the 19th of November 2009 Executive Producers Jon Hammond Bernie Capicchiano Produced by Mike Wallis Copyright © 2009 Musico, all rights reserved Bernies Music Land 381 Canterbury Rd. Ringwood Ph. (03) 9872 5122 info@musicland.com.ar http://www.musicland.com.au Special Thanks Michael Maier Falkenstein, Jennifer Frizzell, Michelle Capicchiano, Hammond Suzuki "I especially want to thank Bernie for inviting Jennifer and I, his wonderful daughter Michelle for organizing the evening and my good friend from Hammond Europe Deutschland Michael Maier Falkenstein. I would also like to thank swinging Melbourne drummer Michael Jordan for making it down on a last-minute call from Bernie to take care of business on the drums." "I own 2 Hammond B3's myself and have played them up to 7 nights a week, so I can tell you that the organ you will hear on this recording, the "New B-3" digital has captured the sound and feel of the B3 that we all know and love right down to the most subtle effects, it is indistinguishable from the classic mechanical tone wheel Hammond." Jon Hammond Photo by Bernie Capicchiano: Winter NAMM 2010 Midnight Showcase at Hilton Hotel Anaheim Convention Center Jon Hammond at XK-1 Hammond Organ with Bernard Purdie and Friends


Jon Hammond Band on NuMuBu http://www.numubu.com/profile.php?id=88497 Bernie Capicchiano, Live At Bernies, Jon Hammond, New B3, Organ, Jazz, Funk Soul Blues, Local 802 Musicians Union, NAMM, Musikmesse, Australia, CD, HammondCast, KYOU Radio


Jon Hammond Walking On China Beach On A Perfect Day


Jon Hammond Walking On China Beach On A Perfect Day

Golden Gate Bridge Looking Good! photo by Jon Hammond

Nice Backyard For These Folks!


Robin Williams Garage Gates

Jon Hammond at the Hammond XB-2 Organ

Ronnie Smith Jr. drums left handed set up on Jon Hammond Band


Jon Hammond Band on NuMuBu http://www.numubu.com/profile.php?id=88497 China Beach, Perfect Day, Jon Hammond, San Francisco, Local 6 Musicians Union, KYOU Radio, HammondCast, XK-1, XB-2, XK-3c, Organ, Jazz, Funk, Soul, Blues