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Priceless film of Jazzbeaux Collins and Scott Muni at WNEW AM with Jon Hammond of HammondCast


*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: http://ia331337.us.archive.org/1/items/JonHammondJAZZBEAUXSCOTTMUNIWNEWHammondCast/JazzbeauxScott_MuniWNEW_HammondCast.m4v Scott Muni (R.I.P.)

WNEW 1130 AM

Al "Jazzbeaux" Collins at the microphone in the Purple Grotteaux photo by Jon Hammond http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7W1zinL5iCQ Priceless film inside WNEW 1130AM New York with 2 Radio Legends: Al JAZZBEAUX COLLINS and SCOTT MUNI on JON HAMMOND'S HammondCast: Hear Scott Muni tell Jazzbeaux about his days at "WABeatlesC" on the date commemorating when the Beatles first hit the shores of USA! As previously broadcast on Jon's TV show The Jon Hammond Show (24th year) and HammondCast on CBS' KYCY/KYOU 1550AM San Francisco California. Enjoy! *Official site: www.HammondCast.com © JH INTL © www.HammondCast.com Bob Cunningham, Bass, Bernard Purdie, Jon Hammond, Local 802, Musicians Union, NDR Jazz, Late Rent, Mikell's, Jazz Foundation of America, Elmar Lemes, ASCAP Network, B3 organ, XK-3c, Blues, Funky, Rhonda Hamilton, WBGO ASCAP Network Behind The Beat with Jon Hammond "LATE RENT" Elmar Lemes photo of Jon Hammond playing XK-3 organ at Local 802 Monday Night Jazz Session sponsored by Jazz Foundation of America Jon Hammond MySpace HammondCast ASCAP Network Behind The Beat "NDR SESSIONS Projekt" Jon Hammond is an endorsed artist of Hammond Suzuki USA Scott Muni, Al Jazzbeaux Collins, WNEW 1130AM, WABeatlesC, BEATLES, HammondCast, Radio, Bloomberg Radio, Local 802 Musicians Union, Ed Sullivan, KYOU RADIO


NDR SESSIONS Projekt recording Jazz Classics in famous Studio 1 Hamburg


*LISTEN TO THE STORY OF NDR SESSIONS PROJEKT HERE: http://www.ascap.com/network/audioportraits/Jon_Hammond_NDR/ On ASCAP Network, recorded in Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR) North German Broadcasting NDR studios: Studios in Hamburg are split into two locations: Television studios are located in the suburb of Lokstedt as the radio studios are located in the suburb of Rotherbaum, close to the city centre. In addition to these, there are further regional studios, also comprising both television and radio studios. Studio 1: Jimi Hendrix - 1967-03-18: Studio 1, NDR Funkhaus, Hamburg, Germany  



Artists Name: HAMMOND, JON
Format: CD
City Hall Catalog Number:  106
UPC Product Code: 634479270000
Musical Category:  JAZZ
Release Date:  9/19/2006
Additional Musical Category Notes:
This new release from Jon Hammond marks his move into mainstream jazz. Utilizing the famous NDR Orchestra and Studios in Hamburg, Germany, Jon has crafted an excellent organ jazz record utilizing drums, sax and trombone. Outstanding support from saxophone soloist Lutz Buchner adds a lyrical modern jazz sound to the recordings. Excellent drumming by Heinz Lichius and the soulful sound of Joe Gallardo on trombone round out the disc. Great classic tunes are covered, along with some originals, including "My One and Only Love," "Skylark," "Besame Mucho," "Blues In The Night" and "No X-Cess Baggage Blues." L to R: Joe (Jo) Gallardo trombone, Heinz Lichius drums, Jon Hammond organ producer, Lutz Buechner saxophone, Rudy Grosser engineer Studio 1 Control Room NDR Hamburg

Jon Hammond at SSL Console Studio 1

In Studio 1 Live Room L to R: Lutz Buechner, Rudy Grosser, Jo Gallardo photo by Jon Hammond
"This was, without exaggeration, one of the best acoustics-related technical decisions for the NDR I have been involved in during the past few years," comments NDR sound engineer Michael Plötz. "The digital audio world now enjoys incomparably good sound thanks to the use of the AX 24 in the production chain of this studio. The combination of a DAD AX24 and the SSL Duality console places us in a new 'analog/digital world'".

NDR Regie 1 in the Funkhaus am Rothenbaum

The completely reworked Studio 1 and Regie 1 at NDR Radio's Funkhaus am Rothenbaum is designed primarily for recording the NDR Bigband, one of the best finest bands in Germany. Studio 1 is built around a 72 fader SSL Duality and Sequoia digital audio workstation software. Eight NTP DAD AX24 converters are connected via MADI to the workstation.  
The NDR Sessions Projekt - Jon Hammond
  Produced by: JON HAMMOND & NDR Radio  
NDR Recording Engineer: RUDY GROSSER Co-Producer: KNUT BENZNER Recorded at: NDR Studio 1, Hamburg Germany Co-Producer/Mix&Mastering Engineer: JOE BERGER Executive Producer: JENNIFER FRIZZELL Pro Tools Engineer: JIM ROBERTS/Brandon Prdctns. My mother Edythe for Alt. Title: "Music for a Romantic Evening" Manufactured by: Joe Aloia/Digital Authoring Solutions
Album Art and Cover photos: MICHAEL AUGUST aka ILLUSTRATORP
ndr-disk ndr
Track List: 1. My One and Only Love 6:19 - Wood/Mellin 1953 2. Satin Doll 6:15 - Ellington/Strayhorn/Mercer 1953 3. Theme from Black Orpheus 7:36 - Luis Bonfa 1959 4. Blues in the Night 5:54 - Harold Arlen/JohnnyMercer 1941 5. Skylark 3:10 - Hoagy Carmichael/J. Mercer 1941 6. Polka Dots and Moonbeams 4:29 - Van Heusen/Burke 1940 7. Besame Mucho 6:02 - Velazquez/Skylar 1941 8. Easy Living 6:33 - Robin/Granger 1937 9. No X-Cess Baggage Blues 5:14 - JON HAMMOND Intl./ASCAP 1987 10. Our Day Will Come 5:19 - Hillard/Garson 1963 11. The More I See You 5:00 - Warren/Gordon 1945 12. Payphone Johnny 7:02 - JON HAMMOND Intl./ASCAP 1991
Featured Musicians: JON HAMMOND: XK-3 Hammond Organ/Bass, Excelsior AC/R Accordion LUTZ BUCHNER: Saxophones HEINZ LICHIUS: Drums JOE GALLARDO: Trombone
NDR Jazz, Axel Duerr, Knut Benzner, Joe Gallardo, Heinz Lichius, Lutz Buechner, Jon Hammond, XK-3 Organ, XB-2, XK-1, B3, Accordion, Excelsior, Blues, Funky, KYOURADIO, KYCY, ASCAP Network, Hamburg
Local 6 Musicians Union: Maria Kozak Local 802 Musicians Union: Bill Dennison & Olga James ASCAP: Francis Richard, Ken Cicerale, Mark Palermo Hammond Suzuki: M. Terada, H. Ono, Michael Maier-Falkenstein *Note: Mr. Hammond played all bass lines live on XK-3 Organ Excelsior Accordions: Marco Galeazzi, Roberto Lucanero, Donatella Milella Alex Accordions & Guitar NYC Sennheiser: Norbert Hilbich, Andreas Sennheiser Superlux: Nico Teng, Jenny Shen, Cleo, David Liu CASIO Europe: Ariane Klaening Intermediate srl: Nello Gabrielloni Stephen Page, Jon Russell-KYOU Radio 1550 AM Steve Jobs, Nate Doss, Pro Care Team-Apple Computers
Special Thanks from Jon Hammond Band: Jennifer Frizzell, Pamela Sylvain-United Airlines, Eugen Hahn-Jazzkeller Frankfurt, Jo-Jo Tucksen-Jazzkeller Hofheim, Chris Cortez, Chuy Varela, Clifford Brown Jr.-KCSM, Ronnie Smith Jr., Marc Baum, Tim Armacost, Matt Smith, Bernard Purdie, Bob Scott, Bob Barsotti, Mick Brigden, Eddie Money, Uwe Petersen, Sandra Hempel, Jon Paris, Derek Tracy, Barry Finnerty, Scott Rootenberg, Barry Melton, Dr. Iraj Akhavan, Tony Lakatos, Faina Antonova, Larry Schneider, Dr. Denny Zeitlin, Brad Riesau-DL Media, Igor Butman, Eduard Zizak, Cephas Bowles, Thurston Briscoe-WBGO, Joni Caryl-KKJZ, Al Jazzbeaux Collins, Al & Leslie Wilcox, Scott Cooper, Danny Woody, BB King,  Yucel "Ali" Atiker, Derek Sivers-CD Baby Team, Bruce Hatch, David Angress-Guitar Center, Elke Abate, Wolfgang Lucke-Musikmesse, Bert Gerecht, Birdland Hamburg, Manhattan Plaza Operations, Joris Dudli, Francoise Pujol, Ron Polte, Nils Gessinger, Peter & Sigi Tangermann, Jimmy Smith, Jimmy "James" Thorsen, Jim Preston, Pat Martino, Bob Moog, Lee Oskar, Todd Anderson, Stephen Ferrone, Neil & Vera Witchard, John Entwistle, Alan Hall, Tootsie Bean, Lazy Larry Fredson, Olivier Hutman, Holda Paoletti-Kampl, Rob Howard-Accordions Worldwide, Corey James-Red Jazz, Jason Batchelder-CASIO, Mustafa & Maralyn Jammal, Kate Newman, Betty Heywood-Music China/NAMM, Bryan Tracy, Abe Thomas, Laurence Cottle, Joe Barnes-Whirlwind Cables, Glenn Derringer-KUSTOM, Andy Christo, Gabriel Coburger, Leslie Levitas, Teresa Nelson-S.F. Sheriff's Dept. Ray Grappone, Anatoly Kiryushkin-JAZZ-QUAD Minsk, Jaideep VG-RAVE INDIA, Wendy Oxenhorn-Jazz Foundation of America, Robert & Otmar Hutya, Terri Price, Matthew & Terence Hallinan, Joe Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Darhame, Tony & Joe Aloia at Digital Authoring Solutions, All friends, family and musicians without whose support this album would not be possible! And all the Viewers of Jon Hammond Show tv show now in it's 26th year and Listeners of HammondCast Radio Show on KYOU Radio 1550 AM-San Francisco! Sincerely, Jon Hammond & Band

HammondCast 28

1 Import  
HammondCast 28
HammondCast 28 HammondCast 28 for KYOU Radio 1550 AM “Afternoon Slide” Show. Music from Jon Hammond’s new album NDR SESSIONS Projekt, track 3: “Theme from Black Orpheus”, “Blues in the Night” and later at end of the show: “Payphone Johnny”, recorded in NDR Studio 1 in Hamburg Germany with NDR Engineer RUDY GROSSER at the controls. Musicians: LUTZ BUCHNER-tenor saxophone, JOE GALLARDO-trombone, HEINZ LICHIUS-drums, JON HAMMOND-XK-3 Hammond Organ/Bass. This new album is on the Ham-Berger-Friz Records Label. *Mixed and mastered by JOE BERGER & Pro Tools Specialist JIM ROBERTS. Going back in the “Hammond Time Machine” to year 1971 with a live recording of Jon’s old Rock band HADES playing “Greasy Legs” in a Provo Park concert in Berkeley CA with musicians JIMMY “JAMES” THORSEN-guitar, STEVE WRIGHT-bass, DAVE “DA” DANZA-drums, JON HAMMOND-A100 Hammond Organ. Jon tells the story of his song “Get Back In The Groove” and track “Sidewinder”. Plus 2 selections from guitarist Claus Ruckbeil: “Here’s that Rainy Day” and “That Old Feeling” recorded at “JB Studios” in Berlin Germany. http://www.HammondCast.com Submitted by: Jon Hammond Submission Date: 2006-02-26 08:48:38 Categories: Blues, Jazz, Music Type: audio/mpeg Size: 26.5Mb This audio is part of the collection: Ourmedia Artist/Composer: Jon Hammond Keywords: JazzBluesHammondCastKYOUSan FranciscoHamburg
Creative Commons license: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs

NDR Studio 1, Jazz Hamburg, Knut Benzner, Jon Hammond, Local 802 Musicians Union, Coltrane, Hartman, XK-3 organ, Excelsior Accordion, HammondCast, KYOU Radio


Wendy Oxenhorn guest on HammondCast Show KYOU Radio


LISTEN TO AUDIO OF HammondCast 145 HERE: http://ia311013.us.archive.org/3/items/JonHammondHammondCast145KYOURADIO/HammondCast145.mp3

HammondCast 145 KYOURADIO with spcl. guest Wendy Oxenhorn of Jazz Foundation of America interview with Jon and music of Jon Hammond NDR SESSIONS Projekt "Satin Doll", "Blues In The Night", "Payphone Johnny" News about "A Great Night In Harlem" http://www.jazzfoundation.org ©2008 http://www.HammondCast.com 45 minutes Details and past shows available at: www.jonhammondband.com/
Last Aired: Aug 18, 2008 1:00am - 1:46am
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http://www.kyouradio.com/player.php?id=14915 Actual Video of Wendy Oxenhorn interview with Jon Hammond for HammondCast Show KYOU Radio http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXnfECbfIsM HammondCast 145 KYOURADIO with spcl. guest Wendy Oxenhorn of Jazz Foundation of America interview with Jon and music of Jon Hammond NDR SESSIONS Projekt "Satin Doll", "Blues In The Night", "Payphone Johnny" News about "A Great Night In Harlem" http://www.jazzfoundation.org ©2009 http://www.HammondCast.com 45 minutes http://www.jazzfoundation.org/events/9th-annual-great-night-harlem pagefinal03.jpg


May 20th, 2010 253 West 125th Street, New York, NY (btw 7th & 8th Ave.)
The Jazz Foundation presents its annual "A Great Night in Harlem" gala concert to benefit our Jazz Musicians Emergency Fund. This evening will raise money to assist countless elder jazz and blues musicians in crisis across the country, artists who have spent their lives making ours richer with their music.
This year's concert is seeking to raise $1.7 million and, with your help, we can do it! 
Past performances and appearances have included legends like Bill Cosby, Quincy Jones, Wynton Marsalis, Dave Brubeck, Elvis Costello, Lou Reed, Danny Glover, Chevy Chase, Hank Jones, Abbey Lincoln, Odetta and many others.
Concert tickets range from $55, $95, $260, $520 to $1500 and are available for online purchase here or for purchase over the phone at 212-245-3999 ext 10. Please note: JFA will be mailing out all purchased tickets to you the week before the event. Ticket purchases are tax-deductible to the extent of the law.
Come join us for an unforgettable night in Harlem…

An intimate private dinner for our major sponsors, patrons and celebrity guests. Join us for great food and a great cause. Tables of 10 are available with $100,000, 50,000, $25,000, $10,000 and $5,000 sponsorship packages. Single dinner tickets are also available for $1500. Please see Sponsorship Opportunities for details.

Held at the historic Apollo Theater in Harlem, the concert brings together more than 50 legends of the Music to say "thank you" for keeping the Musicians and the Music alive. The theme of this year's concert is "A History of the Music." Part of this historic event will be celebrating the 100th birthday of jazz legend Max "The Saxman" Lucas, who played with Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, Charlie Parker, Thelonious Monk and Muddy Waters, to name a few, and still rides the subway to get to his gigs! 
Some of this year's performers include:*
Roberta Flack, Little Jimmy Scott, Jimmy Heath, Frank Wess, Davell Crawford (The Prince of New Orleans), Manno Charlemagne of Haiti, Sweet Georgia Brown, Madeleine Peyroux, Vince Giordano & the Nighthawks and many others gems from all corners of the music world who will gather on the Apollo stage to bring you a once in a lifetime expereince. See past performances in our archives.


HammondCast 166
HammondCast 166 KYOURADIO Winter NAMM Show, Bernard Purdie with ARETHA FRANKLIN "Rock Steady", "Reach Out and Touch Someone", DANNY GLOVER & Jon, LOUIS ARMSTRONG "What a Wonderful World", JAMES BROWN "I'm Black and I'm Proud", ROBERTA FLACK & DONNY HATHAWAY "You've Got A Friend", Donny "Song For You" LYDIA PENSE & COLD BLOOD "It Could Be Me, It Could Be You" Details and past shows available at: www.jonhammondband.com/
Last Aired: May 29, 2009 1:00am - 1:45am
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Apollo Theatre, Bill Cosby, Blues, Danny Glover, Great Night In Harlem, HammondCast, Jazz Foundation of America, Jon Hammond, Katrina, KYOURADIO, Medical, Wendy Oxenhorn, XK-3c, B3, Organ, Local 802 Musicians Union


David Fathead Newman plays Georgia on HammondCast Today KYOU Radio


*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: http://ia310841.us.archive.org/3/items/JonHammondDavidFatheadNewman_BernardPurdie_JonHammond-GEORGIA/DavidFatheadNewmanonJonHammondBandZanzibarGeorgia.m4v http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RddZWYFfRHw David Fathead Newman plays Georgia on HammondCast Show this morning David Fathead Newman plays Georgia on HammondCast Show this morning http://kyouradio.com/player.php?id=17209 Here we have the KINGS of THE CHITLIN CIRCUIT Jon Hammond, David Fathead Newman, Bernard Purdie laying in to Jon Hammond's super funky cover of chitlin circuit classic 'Mercy Mercy', full power in ZANZIBAR and GRILL NYC dinner show May 17th 1990 one day before Hammond went to Nashville Tennessee to meet with Billy Joe Burnette of "Teddy Bear" fame. Joe Berger did a fine job of capturing the excitement and feel of this memorable gig for The Jon Hammond Show TV Show, now in 26th year MNNTV MCTV New York and Jon's daily radio program HammondCast KYOURADIO Hammond Cast streams daily on KYOURADIO dot com © http://www.HammondCast.com Jon Hammond Band here features the late great tenor saxophonist David Fathead Newman, Bernard Purdie drums, Jon Hammond at B3 organ R.I.P David Newman and Eric Fuchsman keeping the Spirit here! and Apple iTunes Kings of Chitlin Circuit, David Fathead Newman, Jon Hammond, Bernard Purdie, B3 Organ, Zanzibar, Funky, Hammond Cast, KYOURADIO, Ray Charles, Bluesy

Kings  of  Chitlin  Circuit  David  Fathead  Newman  Jon  Hammond  Bernard  Purdie  B3  Organ Zanzibar  Funky  Cast  KYOURADIO  Ray  Charles  Bluesy 

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Bernard Purdie, Jon Hammond Band, David Fathead Newman, B3 organ, Zanzibar, Local 802 Musicians Union, ASCAP Network, Goff Professional, Ray Charles


HammondCast Early Edition on KYOU Radio with Jazzbeaux Collins & Jon doing Little Red Riding Hood Live on KCSM


*LISTEN TO THE AUDIO HERE: http://ia351407.us.archive.org/2/items/JonHammondHammondCastEarlyEditiononKYOURadio/HammondCast124.mp3

HammondCast Early Edition 4AM-4.45AM PST daily/7 days a week and streaming world wide at: http://www.kyouradio.com/player.php?id=18185 HammondCast Early Edition for KYOU Radio, 3rd year retrospective..some of Jon Hammond's picks: Jon's famous story about the air cleaner in Jazzkeller Frankfurt club, a 1971 performance in Provo Park of HADES rock band. Jon & Eddie Money "I've Been Missing YOU too Long" and broadcasting legend Al Jazzbeaux Collins' hipster rendition of "Little Red Riding Hood" with organ. Thank YOU..KYOU! *jon's site for additional info: http://www.HammondCast.com © JH INTL ASCAP Network 45 minutes Categories: Blues, Jazz Funk Soul ASCAP Network News Brought To You by Jon Hammond http://community.ascap.com/service/displayKickPlace.kickAction?u=5062477&as=27521

HammondCast 174
HammondCast 174 KYOURADIO with special guest TOOD BRYANT WEEKS, Jazz Rep at Local 802 Musicians Union and Author, HOT LIPS PAGE "When the Saints Go Marching In" "St. Louis Blues" "How Come You Do Me Like You Do" AL JAZZBEAUX COLLINS and JON HAMMOND "Little Red Riding Hood" Details and past shows available at: www.jonhammondband.com/
Last Aired: Jan 27, 2010 1:00am - 1:46am
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Al Collins, B3 Organ, Blues, Early Edition, Eddie Money, Funky Drums, Gospel Jazz, HammondCast KYOU Radio, Jazzbeaux Collins, Jazzkeller Frankfurt, Jon Hammond, Tony Lakatos, ASCAP Network, Local 802 Musicians Union